Mad Cartels

The Mafia's
Return From History

Experience the groundbreaking NFT artwork and immerse yourself in the dark world of organized crime families. Live the ultimate Mafia lifestyle.

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Why Mad Cartels?

Unleashing the ultimate Mafia NFT experience

Arising at the forefront of technological innovation, Mad Cartels is an immersive and unparalleled Mafia experience where reality and fantasy blur. Players can use our in-game currency, the Mad Cartels token, to build, play, and live in a fully-realized Mafia world - a metaverse unlike any other.

Join the inner circle of 32 notorious and charismatic Mafia characters in a virtual 1930s New York City. To capture their unique spirit, each NFT is a 3D animated video with unique features such as facial expressions and lip syncing technology, all done manually by the designer with diverse representation.

Players can bid on and own one-of-a-kind NFT characters and earn rackets to climb the ranks and dominate the city. Mad Cartels is not just a game, it's a chance to live the life of a real mobster.

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Wayne Rackliffe portrait
Mad Cartels Scene - Software Screenshot
Character Portrait - Details

Mafia Project

Revolutionary NFT collection for true collectors and real investors
Immersive and realistic artwork designed by Unreal Engine

A sense of community and connection with other collectors
Professional voice actors, lip sync technology​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and facial expression
Advanced 3D modelling and custom poses
Highly detailed and realistic models, textures and lighting effects
All Mafia characters are fictional and inspired by real historical figures 
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Mad Cartels Mafia Scene

Lip Sync Technology and facial expressions

The first NFT project with high tech lip sync technology and realistic facial expressions

Accurate, natural and smooth lip sync talking animations
Advanced facial expressions
Lip Sync Wayne Demo gif

Metaverse Ready Nfts

Over 6000 collectible designed NFTs inspired by real Mafias (1930-1950s)

200 NFTs per character (3% rarity) with different poses
20 various stages, 13 detailed weapons
20 realistic floors, 12 backdrops
Experience the art of the Mafia
Elite ranks of Mafia art collection


2 Genesis Characters

Al Capone Portrait - Mad Cartels Character
Martin Portrait - Mad Cartels Character

Mad cartels METAVERSE

New York City
Based on 1930s
15 neighbourhoods, virtual lands and rackets
Safe house for NFT holders, control your district
Offer tribute, setup standing orders and sign or break business agreement with other mobsters
Different criminal activities, black market and more...
NYC Bridge Picture
NYC Lake Picture
NYC Picture
Map Pin Fyodor Character
Map Pin Varo Character
Map Pin Salvatore Character
Map Pin Piero Character
Map Pin Stuart Character
Map Pin Elvin Character
Map Pin Breanna Character
Map Pin Samona Character
Map Pin Olga Character
Map Pin Joseph Character
Map Pin Tavion Character
Map Pin Lee Character
Map Pin Chow Character
Map Pin Allyssa Character
Map Pin Locked Character
Map Pin Martin Character
Map Pin Juan Character
Map Pin Wayne Character
Map Pin Valeria Character
Map Pin Locked Character
Map Pin Locked Character
Map Pin Dustin Character
Map Pin Alec Character
Map Pin Locked Character
Map Pin Oresto Character
Map Pin Felicia Character
Map Pin Ermilo Character
Map Pin Carmello Character
Map Pin Erberto Character
Map Pin Mandy Character
Map Pin Fabio Character
Map Pin AlCapone Character
NYC Map BlankNYC Map Neighbourhoods Zoning
Cloud Image
Cloud Image
Cloud Image
Cloud Image
Cloud Image
Cloud Image
Grenade Item
TNT Item
Cocain Table Item
Grenade Item
Tommy Item
Poker Table Item
Chow Portrait - Mad Cartels CharacterCigar Smoke


Are you ready
TO join OUR family?

Mad Cartels Street Fight

Mad Cartels Founders

Mad Cartels Board
Samin Javadian


Co-founder | Designer

Founder of Aditoon studios, cinematographer, director & animator with more than 10 years experience in character design and cinematography.

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Ali Bagheri


Co-founder | Entrepreneur

Crypto Investor & Blockchain Enthusiastic
Over 15 years experience as Solution Architect, 5 years experience with EY (Big 4 Accounting Firms)

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